Vote YES to Recall Senator John Morse

Vote YES to Recall Senator John Morse

Why Recall Senator John Morse?

  • Refuses to listen to constituents or read your emails.
  • Changed rules disallowing citizen input on legislation.
  • Promised to focus on jobs and the economy, but instead pushes gun control, civil unions, sex education, illegal alien tuition, etc.
  • Wants to blame gun owners instead of violent criminals.
  • Passed bills that are forcing companies to leave the state and will cost Colorado’s economy millions of dollars plus hundreds of lost jobs.

How can you help?
 Registered voters in Senate District 11 can: VOTE  YES and RECALL Morse. Concerned citizens in ANY Senate District can: Volunteer or Donate through Colorado Citizens Protecting Our Constitution.


Due to recent gerrymandering changes to the Senate districts, some people are no longer certain what district they may currently reside in.
  1. If you are a registered voter, you can click on this link to verify your voter registration status and determine precisely in what state senate district you reside
  2. If you are not yet registered to vote, you can use this link to register online in minutes.


Registered voters in this area (Senate District 11) can VOTE YES and RECALL Senator John Morse!