Fellow Recall Morse Volunteers,

Memorial Day is this weekend. Many of you will go camping, watch a ball game, grill a burger with your family, or just enjoy some time off from work. Veterans who have seen combat may do some of those same things, but they will have a different perspective than most of us. They know that Memorial Day commemorates those Americans who died fighting for US to live safely and in freedom. Most of us will never know or understand the pain those who survived endure after watching their friends die in battle.

But those who died did so to protect the freedom that Americans are supposed to enjoy. Those freedoms are currently under attack – not by foreign nations, but by our own government and politicians. Nationally, our federal government has harassed citizen groups for desiring to enter the political process with a certain viewpoint. Our federal government has spied upon and harassed news agencies because they had the audacity to question the Obama administration. Our federal government is infested with deceivers and liars. If you or I had done many of the things done recently by politicians or career bureaucrats, we would be in jail awaiting trial right now.

Colorado State Senator John Morse has brought those ethics to Colorado and has tried to impose those deceitful ways upon Colorado citizens. He hobnobs with Biden and Bloomberg and then uses money from Chicago and New York to advertise that citizens of Colorado are criminals and sexual predators merely for seeking to allow a vote and referendum on Morse and what he has done. Morse is trying to suppress the freedoms of Americans by lying and deceiving in the same manner that Obama lies and Bloomberg bullies his political opponents. Morse already has attempted to suppress our freedoms via legislative means. Now he is trying via deceit to suppress the democratic process of a recall and allow citizens to freely obtain signatures on a petition without harassment or duress.

So we, the citizens seeking to recall Morse, will be spending this Memorial Day weekend gathering signatures to help recall Senator Morse. We believe that those who have died protecting freedom would not want us to go camping or grilling a hot dog or watching a ball game. We believe that they would want us doing what we can as citizens to protect the freedoms that they died protecting. And we know many of those who survived and live with the pain of surviving also want us to carry the banner of freedom here at home.

That is why we are asking for all of our volunteers to help us collect signatures this Memorial Day weekend. Our country is under siege at both the federal and state level. Our group is working to remove a tyrant from the state senate. We need your help to do so. Please join us this weekend in holding signs, collecting signatures, and getting the word out that Senator Morse must be recalled.

We are also asking that you thank every veteran you see for their sacrifice and for protecting your freedom. Many of them have friends who are no longer alive to protect freedom. Say a prayer of thanks and blessing over them. To my dad, I say thanks for serving and enduring.

But here on our home soil in the state of Colorado in the city of Colorado Springs, we are the flag bearers. We are the ones who must continue to protect our freedoms. We must fight against tyranny. We feel it is most appropriate that we should be helping to recall Morse on this weekend which commemorates those who gave their all. We are not giving nearly that much. We are merely standing with signs, collecting signatures, and informing people of their loss of rights. But in that small way, we believe we are making a difference and you can too. Please help us recall Morse by volunteering this weekend via our Contact Us form or contacting your scheduler.

Together, YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We thank you for your support. God Bless America, the great state of Colorado, and our military members and veterans.


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