Many of you have already seen the news online or on TV while others of you do not do Facebook. So we are resending our Facebook posting about our little group’s signature announcement. Thanks for all of your hard work to make this happen.

Colorado State Senator John Morse refused to listen to his constituents, helped change senate rules and scheduled multiple bills at the same time disallowing citizen input on important legislation thereby disenfranchising hundreds of Colorado citizens, and pushed gun control legislation that has cost Colorado hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in lost revenue. That same legislation has been called unenforceable by almost all the Sheriffs in Colorado.

Never before in the history of the state of Colorado has a state legislator changed senate rules so drastically to limit the input of the citizens’ voices upon controversial legislation. Never before in the history of the state of Colorado has a state legislator been recalled. 2013 is going into the history books because before the end of the year, both will have occurred this year. And one led to the other.

We spent many, many hours of hard work, speaking to thousands of citizens, standing on street corners and going door to door in order to collect signatures for the recall petition for Senator Morse. At most Sign & Drive locations and store locations, we turned away about 2/3 of the people who WANTED to sign the petition. We verified people lived in Senate District 11 by looking on the map and checking the Secretary of State website.

All of those Colorado citizens turned away have been negatively impacted by Morse and wanted a say in his recall. But unlike certain political elements who vote 6 times, we attempted to collect only Senate District 11 signatures, we have not asked for multiple signatures, nor have we “raised the dead” so that they could sign the petition.

We the People are telling the politicians in Washington DC, we are watching and we will act. We the People are telling the politicians in Denver, CO, we are watching, and we will act. We the People are telling Senator Morse, we WERE watching, and we DID act.

Back in 2010, in Morse received less than 14,000 votes which was a plurality of votes and not a majority (3-way race). Morse only won by around 300 votes.

Today, June 3, 2013, We the People of Colorado Senate District 11 have submitted more than 16,000 signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State demanding a recall election for Senator John Morse.

Senator Morse, can you hear us now?


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